Picture of the SingPositive Family Choir/Band

SingPositive- Adults, Kids, Seniors, Banjos

In 2011, Mr. Sindelar envisioned SingPositive, an intergenerational family band and choir where members could make music in a "village" setting. In 2012, he assembled a leadership team and an initial membership of 20 families, and started rehearsals at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain.

In addition to its own concerts, SingPositive has performed at the Wake Up The Earth Festival, the Lantern Fastival, and at First Thursdays in Jamaica Plain.

The Italian Home for Children

In 2014, the Italian Home for Children received a grant to hire a music teacher, and hired Joel to create their music program for children with special needs in grades K-8. A fan of experiential learning and Maria Montesorri's ideas of learning through the hands, Joel's first project was to put create a cigar-box guitar curricula, which then evolved into a regular insturment-building program for students at the school.

Joel also spearheaded an instrument collection drive, and brought in over $10,000 in instruments and donations over the next two years. Joe Jonas and his new band DNCE visited the school in December of 2016, and subsequently donated a drum set, guitar, bass and two amplifiers to the school. THANK YOU DNCE.

The Other Georgia

Created after Joel's return from [the country] Georgia in 2007, The Other Georgia is a professional vocal trio performing music primarily from the ancient polyphonic tradition of that country. The group performs regularly at Balkan Music festivals (NYC's Golden Festival, and Concord's Balkan night), has performed at the Summer Revels and at the Eurasian Arts Festival in the Catskills.

You can buy The Other Georgia's first album, Ancient Harmonies from a Distant Land, on either CDBaby.com or on iTunes.

Pictures of missionaries slain in El Salvador


In the fall of 2010, Joel was music director for the New England premiere of Elizabeth Swados' Missionaries, commemorating the deaths of missionaries killed while doing human rights advocacy in El Salvador. From the website:

Missionaries by composer Elizabeth Swados is a haunting and beautiful folk oratorio based on the letters, journals, lives, and work of the four American church women killed in El Salvador. It was first produced at the Brooklyn Academy of Music after workshop at Vassar College in 1996, sung at the Church of St. Ignatius in New York in 2000, then staged in Cleveland, Ohio in 2004, and performed in concert at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in 2005. The 2010 concert was the work's New England premiere.

Members of 2010 Rhythm

Suffolk University Rhythm

Joel was the music director for the Suffolk University group Rhythm from its inception in 2008 through the spring of 2015. Fomerly known as the Suffolk University Vocal Ensemble, Joel oversaw its transformation from an under-registered "chorus" of 1 student at his hire to the fully attended, auditioned, high-quality pop/contemporoary music ensemble that it is now.

Picture of the 2004 Caroling Mob

The Boston Merry Christmas Caroling Mob

The Caroling Mob is an annual mass caroling event open to all Boston area singers, amateur and professional. Sindelar founded the event in 2003 as the logical extension of his annual Christmas Caroling parties; it has grown from 30 singers that first year to over 85 participants in two different states. The main goal of the Caroling Mob is to build community and goodwill, while de-emphasizing the commercial aspects of the holidays. In 2006, the Mob was featured in the Boston Globe article A 'caroling mob' takes to city streets.

Picture of the Loose Canon Chorale

The Loose Canon Chorale

The Loose Canon Chorale is a small, quality-oriented chamber choir based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. It has grown steadily from fourteen members at its founding in 2003, to 23 members in its last active season (2006), and has performed with a diverse array of artists: singer/songwriter Miss Tess, the Balmus Ensemble, guitarist and composer Ro'i Raz, singer/pianist/songwriter Dreea Pauta, guitarist Paul Ehrlich, belly dance company OmBellyCo., singer Wil Darcangelo, and flautist and conductor Orlando Cela.

In its 2005-2006 season, the Loose Canon performed in a Hurricane Katrina relief concert at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, NH, was hired to sing at Jamaica Plain's Christmas tree lighting ceremony, co-hosted a sold-out April Fool's Day show- at a Boston comedy club, and performed for the Cambridge Summer Revels, in front of the Boston Children's Museum.

The Loose Canon Chorale is currently on sabbatical as we work to incorporate as a 501(c)3 non-profit organizaion.

Boston Globe article about the Churchless Choir

The Churchless Church Choir

The Churchless Choir was formed as an opportunity for non-churchgoers to sing as a spiritual activity on Sunday mornings. This harmony circle met weekly to sing folk songs from many ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. Joel started the group at Spontaneous Celebrations in the spring of 2004, and continued until the fall of 2006, when he took a sabbatical to co-found the heARTbeat Collective and make a musicological sojourn to the former Soviet republic of Georgia.